Hire Us!

We do not charge to review any products, we do ask that you supply us free of charge any product you would like us to review, most times for compensation we get to keep the products, but I have had some companies want the product returned which is not a problem, but this must be stated when contacting us. I have had companies offer to sponsor giveaways to readers, this is a nice thing to do to get your products out there, but is not required.

How do we do our reviews? About two weeks after we receive the product we write our review. It will be posted on our blog, facebook, and twitter pages. I’ve also had a few companies ask if we can write a review on Amazon.com and the answer is yes that would not be a problem. We are here to work for you. Once the review is up we will have the readers leave comments. After a week of it being up we will then send you the link to the page it is located on. Links to the companies Facebook page, web page, and the product we are testing are also listed if you would like anything else listed just let us know.

If you would like us to do something different please feel free to ask. We are always willing to work with what you want.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at productreviewsforeverydaypeople@aol.com







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