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GIANTmicrobes Christmas Review and Giveaway

Christmas is right around the corner as much as I hate to admit it. I am a stickler when it comes to shopping and always wait mostly until the last minute.  We were able to do a review on GIANTmicrobes Christmas themed box.  This is the one we received. Who know microbes could be so cute????? Tis the season for the flu and everything else the kids bring home. How about bringing home GIANTmicrobes that wont make the kids sick, nor keep them from school.

treeboxChristmas Tree Box Ornaments:
Trim your tree with Common Cold, Brain Cell, Kissing Disease, E. coli and the limited edition Red Amoeba, festively adorned with a Santa hat, candy cane, mistletoe, reindeer antlers, and winter scarf.

Once I got this and opened it, all I could think was Hunter is going to love this. What a great way to teach kids and make it a fun learning process.

These can be hung from the tree as they are attached with a gold hanging piece. I think I might hang them from our tree and have Hunter find them. They are very soft and do have small pieces. I’ve pulled on them and nothing has come off but I would not recommended for a very small child.

They also carry two other designs with different microbes inside.

stockingbox wreathboxChristmas Stocking Box Ornaments:
Penicillin, Salmonella, Red Blood Cell, Dust Mite and limited edition

Green Amoeba! Festively adorned with decorative puffs,

embroidered holly, snowflakes, reindeer nose and antlers, and cute

scarf and ear muffs!

NEW! Christmas Wreath Box Ornaments:
Our new group of popular Christmas ornaments includes Sore Throat singing Christmas carols, White Blood Cell dressed up as a snowman with top hat and carrot nose, Stomach Ache as a delectable        gingerbread man, Nerve Cell with angel wings and halo, and a limited edition shimmering gold Amoeba, only available in this set!

These sets are going for $24.95 which is a steal for this new and never seen before product. These would also make a great gift for a doctor, nurses or anyone in the medical field that you have a hard time buying for or they can make a great gag gift.

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I did receive a box of GIANTmicrobes free of charge for my review.

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The Homework Caddy Review

School will be here before we know it, and as parents we are always looking for ways to make the school year more organized. As a mother of children in school, and a college student we have important papers scattered all over the table every night. I do not know how many important papers I have accidentally thrown away. Between four of us in school we each have our own calender of events, when homework is due and ect…. When I stumbled across The Homework Caddy it had my full interest to find out how it could help me keep the kids and myself better organized.


I’ll be the first to admit I am completely unorganized. So the first thing I notice with The Homework Caddy was the 4 pockets, Magnetic Dry Erase Board with notes and calendar section , a see through pocket that I will be able to list and see all my work in one place on one paper, and 2 smaller extra pockets I will be able to store extra index cards. and my favorite a holder for pens. I don’t know about you guys but my pens get up and walk away…ALL THE TIME.

Now think of all the things your kids could store in The Homework Caddy.  Notebooks, library books, keep important papers and dates. and there is even a holder on the bottom where they can roll up art work to keep it from getting lost or keep it from getting anything on it.

The Homework Caddy was created by a mother of three who needed a solution to the papers, books and school projects constantly accumulating her home. It addresses all the organization needs most school kids. Best of all takes up almost no space at all! It is designed to fit on the back of most standard bedroom or closet doors. It measures 28 inches wide by 36 inches tall. Turn unused wall space into a better organized space for you and your kids.

They come in 4 different designs.

The Sports Homework Caddy

The Sports Homework Caddy

The Fuchsia & Zebra Homework Caddy

The Fuchsia & Zebra Homework Caddy

The Bright Homework Caddy

The Bright Homework Caddy

The Pastel Homework Caddy

The Pastel Homework Caddy

Right now you can get ahead of the game by ordering The Homework  Caddy for $25.99

I was provided a Homework Caddy for my review as compensation.  All opinions of it are mine.

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Shoulder Buddy Review

sb1     A few days ago I introduced Hunter to Shoulder Buddies. I’ve been trying to get this review in for the last few weeks, but the time just never seemed right. The last few days ago my sister took my daughter so it was just me and Hunter. Yup I knew this was going to be a great time to introduce them.

Hunter and his new friend Max

Hunter and his new friend Ding

Hunter named his new friend Ding and for the last few days Ding has gone everywhere with us. Ding made a whole lot of friends at McDonald’s yesterday, and at the park today. Hunter was happy to share him with everyone, but Ding seemed to like Hunter’s shoulder most of all.

hunter2  Hunter wanted to see if Ding would fall off so he gave him a little push, and yet like magic   he did not go anywhere.

Ding is a Shoulder Buddy. Like him his friends all come with symbols on there bellies. They now also come with sports mascots, in Hello Kitty, and with a gem in their tummies.

These would make a great Christmas/birthday gift or a just because gift.  I know I am ordering some for the stocking this year for each of the kids.

Now I know you have to be wondering how Ding or his friends stay on without falling off?

maxShoulder Buddies have a magnet on there bottom and have a thin magnet about the size of a half-dollar that you place under the child’s shirt.

Shoulder Buddies can be bought on-line for $5.99 or you can find them in a store near you.

What would you do with your Shoulder Buddy? Leave a comment and one lucky winner will receive a Should Buddy of their own. Winner will be picked on August 22nd through

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Kandoo Flushable Wipes and Shampoo Review and Giveaway- Ended


Pampers have come a long way since my kids were younger, I love how they are growing with the kids so we as parents can know the products we are using are safe as Pampers has always done for us.

All of my kids grow up with Pampers Products so I was excited to try their new line of Kandoo products.

Kandoo by Pampers offers Flushable Wipes and 2 in 1 Shampoo with vitamin E.

Kandoo’s Flushable Wipes are great for kids potty training or for the ones who just do not get as clean as they should. They clean up to 30% better than toilet paper and are safe on your septic system. We used these for a few weeks with no backups or problems so they are 100% safe.

Pampers Kandoo 2 in 1 shampoo comes in Funny Berry scent and I had to stop myself from wanting to eat it because it smelled so good. It is made from from natural fruit extracts and is tear free. The kids love the pump and find it easy to use themselves. I like the pump because you will be able to hold a baby with one hand and use one hand to get the soap to dispense.

NEW KANDOO!Meet the new Kandoo Clean Crew frogs and take the Oath to keep yourself super clean at  We will be giving away 1000 Super Power Clean Kits each month! Look for the new and improved Kandoo Personal Care line, including Shampoo, Body Wash, and Hand Soap at most major retailers and online.
You can visit their website
and be sure to join their Boogie Bunch here
Enter here to win (1) pack of 42 count Kandoo wipes and (1) Kandoo Hand Sanitizer or Kandoo Hand Soap

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Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway- Ended

Boogie LogoSummer is here, fall to follow and soon after the cold winter months. Which means allergy season followed by the sick season. Noses run faster around here then the kids most of the time. Tissues are nice but no matter what kind I buy they are not soft enough. I’ve only heard of Boogie Wipes a few months ago and for the life of me could not figure out what the fuss was about, but having young children in the house I was willing to give anything a try to keep their noses from turning red.

Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes

Now what kid is not going to love the smell of grape as your wiping away their runny noses? Boogie Wipes were developed by moms tired of chasing runny noses. I don’t know how many times I’ve chased my kids around when they were younger to get them to blow or to just wipe their noses. With these my son is more than happy to bring his nose to me for a Boogie Wipe. I’ve noticed his nose does not get red like it does from using tissues, not only does the Boogie Wipes clean it also moisturizes with natural saline. My daughter love the smell of the Fresh Scent wipes. 

I’m so glad I gave these a try. Really I’m not sure how I lived without them all these years. I now find myself keeping some in the car for myself. Sometimes napkins are not that great but I found that Boogie Wipes make for a great hand cleaner when I am unable to wash my hands. They do not have alcohol in them so your hands stay soft and also smell great after.

Boogie Wipes get a A++ from this mom.

Where to find them

Their new 45 count packs of FRESH scent Boogie Wipes are now available at Target stores nationwide!  Their 90 count canisters are available now in most major retailers like Target, Walmart and BabiesRUs.  And look for their newest product – Boogie Blasters – in a 12 count pack of Boogie Berry scented wipes, available at Walmart and Kroeger stores!  They also have a new 10 count pack (Fresh and Grape) available at most major retailers in the US and Canada!

Coming Soon

Cotton Candy scented Boogie Blasters.  Boogie Mist – saline mist with a twist!  Snot Your Average Kid contest winners to be featured on our 90 count Canisters, which will also include a 90 count Simply Unscented canister – coming Spring 2013!

Enter to Win (2) packs of 30-count wipes Click Here!!!!

Open to US and Canada

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Funkoo Baby Wear Review (Giveaway)-Ended

It’s been so long since any of my kids fit into anything so small, but I know many of you readers have small children and grandchildren.

Just taken out of package.

Just taken out of package.

We were given the opportunity to review the

Pink Stripes Organic Tee

             The first thing I loved was it came packaged so we know that people have not touched it. Even as my kids were younger I always had this obsession of buying their clothes packaged. With germs and everything else, the last thing I wanted was a sick baby. I could only wish when my kids were little we had those shopping cart covers.

The Pink Stripes Tee is extra soft and very thick. I washed it a few times and it never seemed to lose the bright color or the elasticity, which is a plus. Most time we find the clothing does not  hold up to the washing and drying and find ourselves getting rid of the clothes before the baby has outgrown them.

Funkoos organic t-shirts are perfect for warm weather play time, sleep time or providing a little extra warmth underneath in colder months and is made with  100% certified organic fibers.

Organic clothing can get highly expensive, but I found the to be reasonable when it comes to pricing. Plus they carry more of a selection on organic baby clothing than any other places I have seen.

funkooThe Pink Stripes Tee goes on and comes off easy. We all know how it is to get those wiggly arms through to get it on and take it off. To test this I had to borrow a baby, my friends loves when I test on their small ones, it’s like free babysitting and they always leave with a gift. Taking a picture of her wearing this was not fun as she kept moving giving me blurry pictures. Hopefully mom can get one when she naps.

You can sign up on the website to receive special offers and discounts as well. These little shirts would make a wonderful baby shower gift, for parents who love organic clothing, and for everyday purchases. Also look at all the other items they have to offer as well. These products would also make an amazing gift basket.

If you have any questions about the shirt or the website feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Click here to enter to win a $25 gift card to from our sponsor

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BabyBanz Review

Today is the first day of summer vacation for my two younger kids. This means we will soon be hitting the beach and enjoying all that the summer months has to offer. For the readers living in NY you know this means we have very little time to enjoy the nice outdoors. The past few weeks it has done nothing but rain, and it looks like for the next few days will will get even more.

Hunter is going to be 8 in October. When I was told BabyBanz sizes go up to 10 on most products I knew this was going to be a review my little guy would be able to help with, he was not to thrilled I had him get up early so we could get pictures outside in his BabyBanz gear. Not happy until he put it on and the first thing he said was,”wow mom it feels like rubber, and it’s not hot”.


When we opened the package Hunter was thrilled it had sharks on it, it’s called Fin Frenzy Blue. He now thinks he will scare the sharks away in the lake. The colors are bright so I know I will always be able to pick him out of the crowed of kids hanging out at the beach. At first I wondered why the shirt was a long sleeve, I would have thought on hot days this would pose as a problem and yet as a plus at the same time.

The shirt

The shirt

Banz swimsuits were designed in Australia one of the world’s toughest UV environments. their suits are long sleeved to provide maximum protection and comfort. All Banz swimwear has been clinically tested to a rating of UPF 50+.

There is my plus. Small children tend to burn from being outside. It does not seem to matter how much lotion I use on him being in the water always seems to wash it away. So early this morning we tested it out. Hunter played outside for a little while, at the time it was almost 80 degrees outside, and yet not once did he complain he was hot due to the shirt. His head was sweaty yet when I checked the shirt there was no sweat and it seemed cool to the touch. I asked him if his arms were hot and he told me the shirt was keeping him cool. The protective collar added another bonus to the swim wear no sunburn on his neck. So what I thought was going to prove to be a bad thing proved me wrong and added in more benefits than expected.

Ok so being swimwear time to add some water and see if I can find a con. We got out the hose (seeing the beach is still a little cold for the kids). I’m not really sure it would have made a difference. The shirt seemed to keep him at body temperature. Hmm. Makes me wish it came in my size so I can stay cool when it’s hot out and I decide to bring my work outside. No cons yet again. I give the shirt an A+ all the way.

The shorts are cute.

The Shorts

The Shorts

Too cute for words, I love the matching shorts.They are also part of the Fin Frenzy Blue Collection They go about to Hunters knees and kept them from burning. They have an elastic band that can be adjusted, mesh underwear inside fir the boys and light weight. Another A+

I don’t know where swimwear like this was when my oldest two wear younger. I would have paid a fortune keeping them from getting burned, and for extra light weight clothing. Another plus for BabyBanz is their clothing are chemical free, and are not a fortune. The shirt’s cost $26 and the shorts cost $22. I consider$48 for the whole suit to be cheap for all it does. Keeps the kids cool in the summer heat, and keeps them from getting burned in the sun. I’ve spent more just keeping sunscreen on Hunter for the summer and still having him burn.

babybanz2I would highly recommend BabyBanz to parents of children of all ages .

Check out their Site  to find out about all the products they sell and what you need to fit your family

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