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Nifty- Nifty (Hand Free Accessories) Review

I can not count the number of times I have dropped my iPod while running. Yes. I know you can buy those expensive holder, but I’m one for buying what I need and not what I want. Of course by doing reviews I find things I did not really think I needed until I’ve had a chance to try them out. It seems 9 out of 10 times I find myself switching products that are more convenient for my family.

I was contacted by Nifty-Nifty a few weeks ago to try out one of their hand free accessories. After looking through their website and seeing the products they have offer and the prices I knew this was one review I could not lose out on.

bagThis particular bag can clip to anything you are wearing. It has a zipper pouch which I found great to carry my iPod in while running. Not once has it fallen out so I know I’m going to save money on replacing screens. Plus I found it convenient that I could put cash in it. This bag also has another pouch without a zipper, and found my iPod did not slip out. This bag runs $22.99 plus free shipping and is rain proof. I have taken in outside many times in the rain and nothing inside seems wet so this is another plus. Later this month we are taking the kids to a water park so this bag will come in extra handy.

Nifty-Nifty carries many styles of bags, wallets, cord managers, and eyeglass holders. I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone in the family.

check them out on Youtube and Facebook


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Auric Blends (perfume review and giveaway) 3 winners!!!!- Ended

When I first inquired about Auric Blends for a review my first thought was, “okay it’s perfume how hard can this be”. I thought all perfume was the same: you smell one you have smelled them all, but this was far from the case with Auric Blends.

Auric Blends is a roll on perfume and is hand blended in small batches unlike any commercial perfumes. I was given three different fragrances to review. It seemed no matter how many times I wore them and sat down to review them I had a hard time. I just could not find the words to describe any of them. The scents are unique and just so desirable.  Yet I know as I sit here and write this review I have to come up with a way.

The first one I tested was Water Goddess.

To me it smelled like a flower, with a splash of wood and fresh water. It’s not strong but noticeable in every way. If I had to define this as a color it would be blue to be relaxing, loyal and faithful. It’s the best way I can describe the Water Goddess scent.  Truthfully this has to be my favorite of the three. I have used this one more than any of the other ones.


The second one I tested was Egyptian Goddess

This one has a more earthly smell. It reminds me of a type of wood I just can not for the life of me put into words. I would describe this as brown to blend in, connect to earth, and stability. 


The third one we tested was Love.

And it was just that. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means “I will never forget you”. It smells like flowers with a small hint of musk. 


This had to be one of the hardest reviews I have written so far. How can you describe the scents of these perfumes when there are no words to describe them? The scents are based on feels and not based on words.  I have not seen any other company able to do what Auric Blends has done. They make their products from the heart.

The perfumes I tested comes in 1/3 fluid oz bottles. They are roll-on and seemed to have last a long time. They sell for $8.49 a bottle. I use mine all the time and my bottle still looks full so you are getting your money worth plus. I highly recommend this company for perfume. Also check out their line of solid perfumes, incense, and soaps. If the perfume smells this good I can only imagine how great their other products smell.

Look for Rafflecopper on our facebook page to enter. 3 lucky winners will win a bottle of their choose

Good Luck

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Enjoy Professional Hair Care Review and Giveaway- Ended

Thanks to the Enjoy team we were able to test out and review a line of their products.

Enjoy Professional Hair Care

Sulfate-Free Rejuvenating Volumizing Shampoo

Rejuvenating Conditioner

Volumizing Mousseenjoy Hair Care

The very first thing I noticed when I opened the box my Enjoy Hair care product’s came is was it stated Sulfate-Free. From that moment I could not wait to try it, because the one thing I notice with most shampoo’s I’ve used has sulfate and seems to dry my hair out and feels rough after I blow dry it. The second thing I noticed was the smell, it reminded me of sweet eucalyptus. It was a bit strong when put it in your hair after rinsing it out the smell faded and ended up being a light smell that I fell in love with.

My hair is pretty thin, and very flat. So I was happy their line included a product just for my hair. As you can see from the picture there is no volume or bounce to my hair. This is after a normal wash.before1

When I washed it with the Enjoy products I noticed the shampoo and conditioner were very thick, which I loved because I could tell it was not a watered down product. So your getting what you pay for. The conditioner has menthol in it and when you apply it you feel it working. It kept my hair hydrated and gave it a very clean feeling. After I washed it I added the Volumizing Mousse, one thing is for sure follow directions when it says a small amount it means a small amount. I used it as I would use any mousse, needless to say I had to rewash my hair, because the product worked a little more than I wanted to give it credit for.

Now the second time I used a dime sized amount and it was plenty for me.891718_10200351332203262_402326512_oI wish the light was not there because you would notice a shine, and it does not look as limp.  My hair has never looked and felt healthier.

Enjoy Professions DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS which was another plus for me. It’s so hard to find good product that do not test on animals.

Enjoy Professionals is carried in salons only so check for a location near you.

Go to our Facebook Page to enter the giveaway for the Enjoy Volumizing System Valued at ($60.00)at the giveaway tab.  But remember to leave comments on this page. Good Luck all!!

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KQC Swirl Professional Ceramic Iron- Review

My hair lays flat and does nothing. I’ve use volumizing shampoos, conditioners, and all different hair products. Now I do own a curling iron, but waiting for it to warm up and doing my hair takes about 45 mins. I’m the type of person who wants to be ready and walking out the door in 30 mins or less not spending all that time on my hairs. When I first saw the retail value I wanted to have a heart attack, never have I imagined paying that much for a curling iron……after using it again and again I could never imagine using anything else.

Recently I was given the opportunity from Flat Iron Experts in Vancouver to test a new curler the KQC Professional Ceramic Iron ($104.00), KQC Thermal Shine Spray ($13.99) and Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo ($17.99).

curlerI was highly impressed with this iron for many reasons, may favorite it took less than a minute to heat up. Besides heating up fast you can set the temp anywhere from 100 to 200 degrees. Plus being ceramic it only takes a few minutes to cool down. After using for a week I still have no split ends. The top swivels so as your taking it out of your hair, it keeps the curl from loosing and bounce. It took about 15 mins. to do my hair so it cut down a lot of time. I will never own another brand curling iron ever, it had me hooked after the first use.

sprayI was a little reluctant to use the KQC Thermal Shine. Every time I’ve used something similar to this my hair comes out looking and feeling greasy. Instead I’m glad I gave it a try. Not only did my hair not come out looking or feeling greasy but gave it an extra clean, and a high shine look. Let’s just say I’ve already bought a few bottles, I would be lost if I could never find this product.

shampooBefore I curled my hair I had to try the Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo. I can’t really describe how it smelled, but reminds me of something from a salon. The good thing about this product was after I used it, I did not need conditioner, and was able to get my brush through my hair without snagging any tangles. One less product I can now use.

Before I did anything to my hairbefore1

And AfterafterAfter I was finished I ran a brush through my hair, and the curl stayed. ++A for KQC

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