We’ve moved

Some of you may not have realized that we’ve moved to Product Reviews For Everyday People. With this move we are able to provide not only a better user friendly site but we are also able to do more and use many needed tools to keep up with other bloggers. When given the opportunities to test products companies look for a lot of different things and require we are able to give them information they need,unfortunately wordpress.com does not allow us to use certain tool’s in providing these companies with these details. Now that we have moved and are able to use Google tools we have been picking up reviews non-stop.  As of next week we are completely booked daily with reviews.

When I first started this I did not realize that picking a blog would provide to be so difficult and have learned the hard way. After a year on wordpress I knew we needed more options to be able to move forward. Our giveaways are now linked right into post instead of having to switch pages, which will make all of our lives easier. Please be sure to bookmark the new page and watch for our new content.


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