Avery Office Supplies Review

First Off when I was given a chance to review a few of Avery’s Office Supplies I jumped right on board. As a full time blogger I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. Plus I’ve always used Avery Office Supplies for work and school, because I know they are a great product and can stand up to anything.

* Avery Flexi-View Round-Ring Presentation View Binder (AVE17686)– This binder has a durable plastic that keeps your pages looking neat and presentable. With the window in the front you are able to place your customized title page, making look even more presentable. It also comes with a border making it look even more professional. The rings open easy when you press the buttons open, but do not allow pages to slip out when you are handling it. Even after opening it closing the rings many times it did not lose the tightness. Unlike most plastic binders I had no problem with it cracking or coming apart as I use it daily.


*Avery Ready Index Contemporary Table Of Contents Dividers (AVE11133)– These tabs are much bigger than what we find on any other dividers. Plus they are much stronger so we we pull on them they do not rip off. They are labeled with numbers and can easily be used to find items in your presentations to match your table of contents. With the easy to read numbers also comes easy to match colors. Plus once you get to what you want you can right it on the color index located on that divider. I used mine to keep track of my school schedule, my midterm grades, my final grades, loan and grant papers and still room for so much more.


*Avery Round Easy Peel Labels (AVE22807)– I love how heavy duty these are and not easy to tear. The online design feature was very easy to use and print very nice labels for all my projects. I also found them great to use as stickers for the kids. They can have any design they want. These labels are also great if you have a lot of guest around who do not know each other you can print their name and designs to make them stand out. I have also used them to make beautiful stickers to place on the back of envelopes to give my out going mail some color and pizzazz.


*Avery Blank Printer-Compatible Tags with Strings (AVE 22802)– This is a great tag for crafter’s who want customize the tags to their product. Instead of writing out everything, you are able to load the paper into your printer and create the tags the way you want without using a pen or marker. These slide easy into the printer and I had not problem with paper jams. They come out looking fresh like I get them from a printer. Instead I saved money doing them myself and having them when I needed them. These also came in great for labeling the kids items when they go on field trips. The tags and string hold strong so I do not have to worry about lost items.


*Avery Tri-Fold Brochure with Tear-Away Cards (AVE16152)– I used this for my product review website and send to potential clients. I love that all the information I am giving is able to fit and have a spot of it’s own. It looks more professional and clients can see I’m serious about what I do. They are think so I know they being folded and refolded they will hold up. I love the tear off cards and hoping companies share with other people they may come across. I found this will also be great when doing class presentations.


If your looking for office supplies or supplies to go back to school with Shoplet.com has everything your looking for at great prices.


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