BabyBanz Review

Today is the first day of summer vacation for my two younger kids. This means we will soon be hitting the beach and enjoying all that the summer months has to offer. For the readers living in NY you know this means we have very little time to enjoy the nice outdoors. The past few weeks it has done nothing but rain, and it looks like for the next few days will will get even more.

Hunter is going to be 8 in October. When I was told BabyBanz sizes go up to 10 on most products I knew this was going to be a review my little guy would be able to help with, he was not to thrilled I had him get up early so we could get pictures outside in his BabyBanz gear. Not happy until he put it on and the first thing he said was,”wow mom it feels like rubber, and it’s not hot”.


When we opened the package Hunter was thrilled it had sharks on it, it’s called Fin Frenzy Blue. He now thinks he will scare the sharks away in the lake. The colors are bright so I know I will always be able to pick him out of the crowed of kids hanging out at the beach. At first I wondered why the shirt was a long sleeve, I would have thought on hot days this would pose as a problem and yet as a plus at the same time.

The shirt

The shirt

Banz swimsuits were designed in Australia one of the world’s toughest UV environments. their suits are long sleeved to provide maximum protection and comfort. All Banz swimwear has been clinically tested to a rating of UPF 50+.

There is my plus. Small children tend to burn from being outside. It does not seem to matter how much lotion I use on him being in the water always seems to wash it away. So early this morning we tested it out. Hunter played outside for a little while, at the time it was almost 80 degrees outside, and yet not once did he complain he was hot due to the shirt. His head was sweaty yet when I checked the shirt there was no sweat and it seemed cool to the touch. I asked him if his arms were hot and he told me the shirt was keeping him cool. The protective collar added another bonus to the swim wear no sunburn on his neck. So what I thought was going to prove to be a bad thing proved me wrong and added in more benefits than expected.

Ok so being swimwear time to add some water and see if I can find a con. We got out the hose (seeing the beach is still a little cold for the kids). I’m not really sure it would have made a difference. The shirt seemed to keep him at body temperature. Hmm. Makes me wish it came in my size so I can stay cool when it’s hot out and I decide to bring my work outside. No cons yet again. I give the shirt an A+ all the way.

The shorts are cute.

The Shorts

The Shorts

Too cute for words, I love the matching shorts.They are also part of the Fin Frenzy Blue Collection They go about to Hunters knees and kept them from burning. They have an elastic band that can be adjusted, mesh underwear inside fir the boys and light weight. Another A+

I don’t know where swimwear like this was when my oldest two wear younger. I would have paid a fortune keeping them from getting burned, and for extra light weight clothing. Another plus for BabyBanz is their clothing are chemical free, and are not a fortune. The shirt’s cost $26 and the shorts cost $22. I consider$48 for the whole suit to be cheap for all it does. Keeps the kids cool in the summer heat, and keeps them from getting burned in the sun. I’ve spent more just keeping sunscreen on Hunter for the summer and still having him burn.

babybanz2I would highly recommend BabyBanz to parents of children of all ages .

Check out their Site  to find out about all the products they sell and what you need to fit your family


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