To Go Brands (must read if your too active to eat healthy) Review

Between working, going to school and the family life I know I do not eat to healthy or get all the right vitamins during the day, so when I was given the opportunity to do a review for To Go Brands I knew this would not only benefit me but also you as the readers as well.

I can’t for the life of me remember when life started getting so complicated when I started to forget to take my morning vitamins, or when I stopped just eating healthy all together. I more often find myself picking off the kids plates than making one of my own. I think I started doing this when as soon as I would sit down someone would need something, or a drink got spilled. Then again maybe it’s just because I’m getting older as I hate to admit.

I found myself sitting at the drive-throw at McDonalds almost every morning I am running late.  Yup that sure was not healthy and where were my daily servings of fruits and veggies. It was not until I came across To Go Brands where I found Greens To Go. Nothing is more easy than grabbing a bottle of water as I’m running out the door and adding in a packet of my now favorite breakfast in a bottle on these crazy mornings. What I loved most was even though it’s packed full of organic fruits and vegetables was it has the delicious flavor of apples and melon. I was thankful it did not taste like Vegetable juice.

Lunch between classes is almost a battle making it from one side of campus to the other before I could finish my sandwich. Food is not permitted in class but drinks are. This is where I found Extreme Berries To Go and Acai Energy Boost to fit into my schedule. No longer was lunch a battle of it’s own. After a few classes even my professor noticed a difference in my work. So I told her what I was doing for lunch. She now has a box in her desk, and told me she carries them in her bag for when she is between classes.


Ok so we all snack every now and again. For me this is late at night when the kids go to bed I found myself working online with a bowl of Cheerios. I guess it could be worst. I could sit here with a bag of chips, get through the bag before I even realize it, yup did that a few times more than I would like to admit.  To Go Brands also carries Healthy To Go which can be added to cereal, yogurt, or any of your favorite food or drinks and I found that the probiotic digestive powder mix to work great for digestive health.


To Go Brands also has a fun way for kids to take their vitamins. Vita Rocks are like pop candy for kids with daily multivitamins. My kids found these to be fun and I do not hear the constant complaining that they do not like the taste.

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