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Auric Blends (perfume review and giveaway) 3 winners!!!!- Ended

When I first inquired about Auric Blends for a review my first thought was, “okay it’s perfume how hard can this be”. I thought all perfume was the same: you smell one you have smelled them all, but this was far from the case with Auric Blends.

Auric Blends is a roll on perfume and is hand blended in small batches unlike any commercial perfumes. I was given three different fragrances to review. It seemed no matter how many times I wore them and sat down to review them I had a hard time. I just could not find the words to describe any of them. The scents are unique and just so desirable.  Yet I know as I sit here and write this review I have to come up with a way.

The first one I tested was Water Goddess.

To me it smelled like a flower, with a splash of wood and fresh water. It’s not strong but noticeable in every way. If I had to define this as a color it would be blue to be relaxing, loyal and faithful. It’s the best way I can describe the Water Goddess scent.  Truthfully this has to be my favorite of the three. I have used this one more than any of the other ones.


The second one I tested was Egyptian Goddess

This one has a more earthly smell. It reminds me of a type of wood I just can not for the life of me put into words. I would describe this as brown to blend in, connect to earth, and stability. 


The third one we tested was Love.

And it was just that. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means “I will never forget you”. It smells like flowers with a small hint of musk. 


This had to be one of the hardest reviews I have written so far. How can you describe the scents of these perfumes when there are no words to describe them? The scents are based on feels and not based on words.  I have not seen any other company able to do what Auric Blends has done. They make their products from the heart.

The perfumes I tested comes in 1/3 fluid oz bottles. They are roll-on and seemed to have last a long time. They sell for $8.49 a bottle. I use mine all the time and my bottle still looks full so you are getting your money worth plus. I highly recommend this company for perfume. Also check out their line of solid perfumes, incense, and soaps. If the perfume smells this good I can only imagine how great their other products smell.

Look for Rafflecopper on our facebook page to enter. 3 lucky winners will win a bottle of their choose

Good Luck


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