Tide Pods Detergent Review

I received a sample of the Tide Pods Detergent from Vocalpoint  a few days ago, and I was wowed by the whole idea of the packet as I have never tried them before. I love the fact that is comes with detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one. These means spending less time watching the washer waiting to add everything at a certain time. Another plus the kids can help without the waste.

Turn on the washer and just add, I’m pretty sure it could not get any easier than that. The first thing I noticed was using the pod I am using less of everything already added to the pod, money saved. My clothes came out looking and smelling great, without wasting any time. After I used the sample I went out and bought a huge container. I showed my older two children ages 12 and 15 how to use them, I have never seen two kids so happy to do laundry now, now they just throw it in and walk away. Even my 6 year old can help me with the laundry.


At first I was worried about throwing the pod in the washer, I was afraid the plastic would be left in the washer when the laundry was done, I went through the clothes and was surprised not to find it. I could not not find anything wrong with these and was glad I gave them a try and have since switched.



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