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Dr. Scholl’s For Her Heels

My first test I want to tell you about comes from my recent shipment from bzzagent. Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heels. First off the makers did an amazing job. after 8 hours on them my feet felt great. They say these fit in heels 2″ and up. So to test them I did them in a 2″ heel any higher I would fall out of my shoes. They made me feel more confident (Im sure because it felt like my feet were walking on clouds)…lol I went out and bought a few pairs even after they sent me a few pair. If my feet felt this great in heels I wonder if they could be worn in anything? The answer is yes. Now I have a high arch in my feet anyways, which does cause pain to do being on them all the time, so I stuck a pair in my sneakers for the day. Wow I have never had a pair of insoles that felt so great. Most of the brands out there are flat style for your shoes, but they make me feel to tall, or me feet feel squished, but because these are made for heels they do not go down all the way to the toes. The arches in the insole are in all the right spots.
The only con I found was that I could not glue these to my feet so I could walk barefoot and feel like I was still walking on cloud 9. Any questions?


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Welcome to P.R.F.E.P (Product Reviews For Everyday People).

I am a consumer like everyone of you. We have all bought items just to get home and either found out it was the best product we have bought, or found out we just wasted our hard earn money. More times than not I have gotten home and tried a product and realized I made the biggest mistake buying it.

I have been a product tester for the last 5 years. Does it pay much? No not really most times it does not pay at all, but I love being able to try new things without spending money. Over the years I have gotten some pretty cool things to test, somethings I got to keep other things I had to send back.

Many times I am paid in either cash or though a points program, but I do not let it cloud my judgment but because of that. I will only give my opinions good and the bad. When I find something that is bad, I do give it another chance. Why? because we don’t always give the best impressions at times. I find the pros and cons.

When giving a product review I will tell you if I am being paid for it, where it came from, and how I got it. I believe it’s best to stay honest with the readers, the more info I can give the better I think it will work in the long run.

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